Roundtable Discussion


1. RTD Venue, Moderator, and Participants

a. All the RTDs will be simultaneously held at the Quezon Ballroom of SEDA Vertis North.

b. Participants need to sign up for the RTD that they are interested in attending. Aside from the presenter, only 7 other participants will be accommodated per RTD. To monitor this, sign up sheets for the RTDs will be posted by the Secretariat on the first day of the conference (August 23).

c. Among those participants who signed up for an RTD, one can volunteer to be the moderator of the RTD. The ICTED Program Committee will provide the moderator a guide kit.

2. Time allotment and Equipment for Presentation

a. Prior to the start of the RTD, the moderator will introduce the presenter by reading the RTD title, the name of the author, and his/her institutional affiliation.

b. Using his/her own laptop, the presenter will have 20 minutes to discuss his/her paper.

c. There will be a 20-minute open forum after the presentation.

3. Sending the final corrected abstract

The abstract of each workshop will be posted on the website and mobile app of the conference. Hence, the final corrected abstract should be emailed to on or before August 14, 2018.

Please use the following email subject line:
RTD ABSTRACT_Family Names of Authors_First three words of abstract title (e.g. Re: RTD ABSTRACT_Parinas and Yangco_Project-based flipped)

4. Creating the slide presentation

a. Present important points only and do not fill your slides with text. Following the 7 x 7 rule in slide presentations (Present around 7 words in 7 lines) can help you.

b. Use large fonts (around 28 pts or larger) to make sure that the audience will be able to see your texts clearly.

c. Should you use videos or visuals, make sure that all the files for these are copied in a folder.

5. Sending copy of handout for the conference proceedings

a. Should you wish your slides to be featured as well in the conference proceedings, please fill out and sign the consent form and send a PDF handout version of your file (4 slides per page). Download the form here:

b. If you agree to feature your slide presentations in the conference proceedings, you will be emailing two files to us:

i. PDF (handout version, 4 slides per page) of your presentation
ii. Scanned signed permission form for including presentation in the proceedings

c. Please email the file/s to on or before 17 August 2018, Friday. Please use as email subject line: SLIDE PRESENTATIONS of “YOUR NAME.” (e.g. SLIDE PRESENTATIONS of BOTOR and CAUYAN)