Poster Presentation


1. Schedule of Poster Presentations and Poster Size

a. Presenters will exhibit their poster during the afternoon coffee breaks of the conference (August 23, 3:40 – 4:00 pm and August 24, 2:40 – 3:00).

b. A poster board will be designated to each poster. The name of the presenter/s assigned to each board will be indicated on the board.

c. During lunch time of the first day of the conference, poster exhibits should be set up. Blue tac and adhesive tape will be provided for sticking the poster on the board.

d. The prescribed size of the poster is A0 or 36 in x 48 in, with vertical orientation.

2. Sending the final corrected abstract

The abstract of each poster will be posted on the website and mobile app of the conference. Hence, the final corrected abstract should be emailed to on or before August 14, 2018.

Please use the following email subject line:
POSTER ABSTRACT_Family Names of Authors_First three words of abstract title (e.g. Re: POSTER ABSTRACT_Paranis_Student-at-risk)

3. Sending copy of mini poster for the conference proceedings

a. Should you wish your poster to be featured as well in the conference proceedings, please fill out and sign the consent form and send a PDF A4-size version of your poster. Download the form here:

b. If you agree to feature your poster in the conference proceedings, you will be emailing two files to us:

i. PDF (A4-size version of your poster)
ii. Scanned signed permission form for including poster in the proceedings

c. Please email the file to on or before 17 August 2018, Friday. Please use as email subject line: POSTER of “YOUR NAME.” (e.g. POSTER of Parani)