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Prof. Chris Forlin

Professor Forlin (PhD; FACE) is an international education consultant, Series Editor for Emerald Publishing for ‘International Perspectives on Inclusive Education’, researcher and independent public and non-government school reviewer, in Western Australia. She is a visiting professor with the University of St Joseph in Macau, the Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education in the Education University of Hong Kong and Notre Dame University in Perth. Her research and publications focus on equity and diversity; change paradigms in education; education policy and practice; along with curricula and pedagogy for teacher education, with innovative research in working with systems, governments, and schools to establish sustainable inclusive education. Professor Forlin provides leadership in research in education reform for special and inclusive education in the Asia-Pacific region. She recently completed two major research projects for the Australian Government on a review of the best evidence in relation to theory and practice for inclusive education for students with disability across all states and territories. She has just concluded research for an AusAID project on developing and testing indicators for inclusive education across 14 countries in the Pacific Islands. Professor Forlin was previously involved with the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training on developing policy and curricula for preparing teachers for inclusion. This involved developing a curriculum and pedagogical framework for pre-service teachers that was taught to 40 teacher educators at universities across the country. She has widespread extensive international experience working in education for more than 45 years; providing regular international workshops and keynote addresses.

Some of her published research reports and articles include the following: