Distinguished Lectures


Dr. Toh Swee-Hin

Dr. Toh Swee-Hin (S.H. Toh) is Professor Emeritus in Education of the University of Alberta (Canada) and a Visiting Fellow, Center for Peace Education, Miriam College (Philippines). Formerly a Distinguished Professor in Peace Education and International Peace Studies at the U.N. mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica, he was also the founding Director of the Multi-Faith Center, Griffith University, Australia, promoting inter-faith dialogue towards a Culture of Peace.

Born in Malaysia and a citizen of Canada and Australia, he has been a high school teacher, teacher educator, researcher and social studies textbook author in the interrelated fields of education for a culture of peace, nonviolence, conflict transformation, human rights, social justice, development, international and intercultural understanding, interfaith dialogue, environmental sustainability and global citizenship. Since 1986, he has collaborated with Filipino educators in promoting peace education programs for schools, universities, civil society organizations and government agencies, especially in the Mindanao region.

He has contributed to several international networks and organizations including UNESCO, World Council for Curriculum & Instruction, International Peace Research Association (IPRA), Parliament of the World’s Religions, Religions for Peace, and the UNESCO-Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU). Since 2013, he has been a consultant for GCED (Global Citizenship Education) policy and programmes under the auspices of UNESCO-Bangkok and APCEIU. For his scholarly, professional and civil society contributions, Dr. Toh has received numerous awards and honours, including the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education (2000).

Among Dr. Toh’s published works are:

  • Toh, S.H. (2006) Integrating Education for Sustainable Development & Education for International Understanding: Conceptual issues and pedagogical principles for Teacher Education to address sustainability. Bangkok: UNESCO http://lsf-lst.ca/media/Toh_Swee-Hin_Integrating_Education_for_Sus_Devlpment_pdf_EN.pdf
  • Matriano, E., & Toh, S.-H. (2013 ). Multicultural education, global education: Synergies for a peaceful world. In R. L. Lowman (Ed.), Internationalizing multiculturalism: Expanding professional competencies in a globalized world (pp. 255–288). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. http://content.apa.org/books/14044-010
  • Toh, S.H., Nario-Galace, Jasmin, Cawagas, Virginia (Eds) (2017) Three decades of Peace Education in the Philippines: Stories of Hope & Challenges. Quezon City: Center for Peace Education & World Council for Curriculum & Instruction (WCCI) -Philippines.